Is it a bug in the software - access scheduled in e410

When I set the scheduled access for example when 3 days are unlimited (fields left blank), and the rest with a limit, then after cloud synchronization WiFi 2.4 GHz remains in AUTO mode and does not turn on?!? If all the scheduled access fields are with hours, the problem does not occur. Is this a software bug? Please check :slight_smile:

Software 4.2.1, hw rev A

It is not a bug.
When the schedule access is enabled then the radio’s on the AP will be in ON state only in the configured date and time and rest all days it will be in OFF state.

For example: In the configuration
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday days are left blank(i.e, not configured anything in the fields) and on
Thursday and Friday we configured as 9AM-10PM and remaining 2 days left with blank then feature works as below

  • AP radios will be in ON state only on Thursday and Friday.
  • AP radios will be in OFF state on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • As there is no configuration for Saturday and Sunday the AP radio’s will remain in OFF state.

Note : AP’s date and time should be in sync with NTP time

OK thx for answer, but why 2,4 is off and 5 is working ?

Can you please share me the tech support file of the problamatic AP on my email I’d I will check and update you

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Access setting like this

And no 2.4 Ghz on friday, saturday,sunday


Now I’m sure that is a BUG :slight_smile:

Set 00:01 to 23:59
It is nof fair that all day must be with digits.
Please make some changes in software to be able to set only few days with limit and few days without :slight_smile:

At present it is working according to the design. Will raise one new enhancement for your request i.e, “Schedule Access Few Days With Limit and Few Days Without”.