Is it EOL? How old is it?

I’m taking over some PTP at work. We have about 20-22 PTP on Cambium 800/820S/820C/600 devices. Is there a way I can tell the age of a radio from the GUI and if it’s EOL?

There’s a page on our website listing the end-of-life dates of various products:

I think at this point all PTP-600 and PTP-800 products are end-of-life, but 820S and 820C should be supported.


Looking at this post and following the Product Lifecycle link sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole.
I have some old PTP 450, 5 GHz, integrated units in service. These look similar to the newer 450b Retro units.
I can’t tell if these show up on the product lifecycle list. My hope was that I could compare the SKU (e.g. C054045B001A) but I have tried looking at cnMaestro, and also logging into the PTP units and I can’t find any SKU information for my hardware.

I also noticed that cnMaestro’s exported inventory list doesn’t distinguish between some types of hardware that are very different. For example our integrated panel PTP-450i and PMP-450i AP (integrated sector antenna) both show up as PMP 450i AP and I can’t find anything that distinguishes them. I need to rely on the names that we have given them.

What am I missing?

So what’s your end goal here? Even though some of these models may no longer be sold, ALL of them still have current firmware updates available and all should still be able to be onboarded into cnMaestro. Just taking a look at my various PTP450’s and PMP450’s… cnMaestro seems to be able to correctly distinguish between all of them. How old is the firmware on these radios you’re having issues with?