Is it normal for timeouts to occur with the canopy platform?

Hello, we are using canopy 5.7ghz to carry our internet service to our subscribers, however we seem to have problems with regards to timeouts in our system, we have check our end but we seem to see nothing wrong with it (we don’t experience timeouts with our server pcs), the problem seems to be happening only in our subscriber’s end. We have already upgraded our drivers but still the problem persists. Is it possible that this may be due to interference? we are serving a town here in the philippines, by the way. Can you guys help?

With our 900 gear located over 7-15 miles through trees, we see them timeout or go IDLE from anywhere between 21 seconds to 15 minutes. Its a strange problem with no answer. Once we updated them to 7.2, they were perfect for a week or two, until the rain and storms came rolling in. Maybe the leaves up’d their water content? Adding more AP’s/Sites should fix the problem.

hey jofiles, where are u in the phil? r u from mindanao?