Is it possible to configure only certain parameters without changing others?

We are looking to update certain parameters on the Pilot R200 devices that are out in the field, but do not want to change the SSID or password that is currently set, as the end user may have it set to something different than it was configured to.  Is it possible to configure only certain parameters while leaving others alone?


Yes, it is possible. The user can create a config (.cfg) with required config parameters and upload the config file using WEB UI.  In this scenarios, uploaded configurations will be appended/ updated into running configurations.   

Example:  To update/ change the only password for the admin user.

  1. Create a config file as per screen capture.
  2. Upload the config file using WEB UI
  3. Reboot the device.

Thanks, but we were looking for a solution that wouldn't require us to log into each device to upload the config.  Is there a way to push out a config through Maestro that doesn't overwrite all of the parameters?  We have a large number of devices we were looking to update without changing any settings that the end users may have changed.

No answer from Cambium?

FVI Support and Kelmore, I've reached out to each of you via email to set up a time for a call.  I am looking to get more details to see where cnMaestro's AP Group configuration is falling short with respect to cnPilot R.

For all others, please see the following forum thread soliciting feedback from the community on this topic.  I would encourage others to post on the following thread.

Cambium sent me an email back on 3/24 but it never made it's way to me for some reason.  Emilio, I sent a reply to your email.


We create an AP group with user defined overrides (better wording would be master template) 

Inside the master template you set the fields you want to be custom variables for each individual device such as SSID / password. 

If we want to make a major change, we can just edit the overrides config on the ap group then resync all the routers. 

The custom variable fields set on each individual router will stay the same. 

One example is we needed to change a voicemail indication setting for everyone because we found the phone would ring once at 6am every morning. 

I was able to change the VMI setting in our custom overrides template from 1 to 0 and push out the config change to all our customers, while their individual SSID/Passwords stayed the same. 

During the onboarding process, you are asked to assign the router to an AP group and any fields in your custom overrides that you have set to be variables will show as fields with their default value and you can set them. 

Before we send out routers, we scan them in to the onboarding screen, set the apgroup profile, and fill in the ssid and password based on the pre-printed sticker with our branding we attach to the router at the same time. 

Hi all,

I have the same problem that I can see in this post, but I can´t find the solution in it. We have hundreds of CnPilot R-Series in field and now we would like to include all of them in an AP Group. The problem is that all of them have different SSID, Password, PPPoE...

I have created the overrides for these variables, but I only have two options:

- Create a default value, that is not an option because all of them are different in the field units.

- Not create a default value, so you can to check the config files of the installed units to configure it one by one:


Are there any way to not override specific parameters when the unit is in field or to take it from the router to compete the variables?

Apart of this question, If we create an user to permit the customer open ports in the router, what happen when we make any change? The router lost it´s sync and if we sync it again, the customer lost its changes. Are there any way to solve this sync lost?



Hi Smartinez,

Currently we dont have SIP, PPPoE setting individual for device, we have only Wireless related setting specifc to individual device(Device Overrides-Advanced). However we have identified few settings for SIP and PPPoE which are unique setting for individual device. We are planning to add this in our next cnMaestro release.

Regrading your 2nd query you can use Lock AP Configuration feature on cnMaestro- Enable this option to overwrite any Wi-Fi AP configuration changes made outside of cnMaestro (such as through the device UI). The AP must be mapped to an AP Group with Auto Sync turned on.

cnMaestro GUI >> Application >> Settings >> Advance Featues.

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Hi Gupta,

the Lock AP feature is a very good option. I have seen that if you configure a port forwarding in the CnPilot R-series, these configuration is not override because it´s not part of the AP Configuration.

The only think I would like to know if it´s possible that the customer change its wifi password in the radio and maintain it after sync again. If not, we will have to configure it in CnMaestro every time the customer change the password.