Is it possible?

Dear Alls,

Is it possible if i have configuration like this below :

Canopy PoE —UTP— Media Converter ----Fiber----Media Converter—UTP— AP/BH/SM

how fiber optic can bring power?


Move the Canopy POE to the far end of the fibre optic link in your diagram. You cannot pass electrical power through what is essentialy glass in the fibre link.

So you end up with:

UTP—Media Converter—Fibre—Media Converter—Canopy POE—AP/BH/SM

Might be OK for a one or two off but as a regular conecting scheme,you will need AC power at every AP/BH/SM and it will get very messy very fast. There is also fibre cable that also has copper interstitial pairs along with the fibres, but while that might be useful for an extremely difficult setup, it will also be very expensive compared to a well thought out typical Canopy installation.


Read the discussion threads titled “Long cable run solutions” and “Extending AP’s and CMM” for a couple alternatives.

thanks for the explanation,
it’s very help me