Is posible to use the gigabit surge supresor like replacement for the 600SS?

Under maintain adequate design and equipment protection, use a gigabit surge suppressor gigabit replacing the 600SS is possible or not? We know that the input voltage (24v) in the 600SS suppressor is less than gigabit surge supressor (56v), but makes any difference using these for those radios with interface 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and not are PMP450i family?

No, for 24-30 VDC devices, it's recommended that you stick with the 600SSH.

For 48-56 VDC devices (i.e. the PMP 450i), you need to use the C000000L033A (the Gigabit SS).

Using the Gigabit SS with 30 VDC devices will not adequately protect the device.


Hi Matt;

Does this apply for the ePMP 2000 AP as well?  Should we be OK with using (the 600SS) with the ePMP 1000 AP GPS models? 


The ePMP 2000 AP requires the use of C000000L033A (56 VDC).

The ePMP 1000 AP requires the use of 600SSH (30 VDC).

This follows the description above.

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Hi Matt;

Thanks very much for clarifying. 

This helps as we were going to be upgrading a site with an ePMP 1000 AP (GPS) to an ePMP 2000 AP which already had the 600SSH in use.  Maybe this knowledge can be stickied, highlighted or pointed out for those that are looking to swap out an ePMP 1000 to an ePMP 2000 and didn't factor in both the PoE and the surge protector differences.


Great idea.  I think we should work on getting a Compatibility Matrix together with relevant products and Power Supplies, etc.

Is it possible to use 600SS with pmp450subscriber module C035045C004A or we use Gigabit surge suppressor?

Should we use one 600SS or two with one C035045C004A?