Is repeater mode have in e500?

hi guys i am new in this forum i want to know that, is repeater opetion have in e500 series ?


Other Wi-Fi devices can connect to E500 in repeater mode. For this E500 needs to be configured with MESH base profile option and disable VLAN tagging on MESH profile configuration

Please try this out if not be to make it please revert back to us, we shall be able to help you

Also, the E500 supports repeater mode with other E500 (or E400) devices. So if you are trying to extend the range using a wireless-hop you can do that with 2 E500s.

Please refer below link for MESH link creation,

How do I setup a wireless mesh/repeater mode?

Best practices when deploying WiFi Mesh

yes dear i did this setup and its working any way thanks for your reply.  


it does not work for me. I see the client AP in the wireless mesh table in "Monitor- WLAN", the link is UP in the mesh base AP.

I don't see the WiFi SSD repeated or extended. The same results if I Setup the radio at 2.4GHz. In the mesh client AP the mesh table shows the link is down.



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