Is the bonjour-gw working and what about custom services?


I was happy, finding that there's a bonjour gateway implemented in the cnpilot line. My understanding is that it reflects services from one vlan to another.

First of all I'm interessted if someone can use it successfull.

I tried by enabling the bounjour-gw and added a service for the appleTV from the vlan where the appleTV sits, to another vlan where my iphone want's to control it. My firewall is configured, that it allows the traffic from the iphone to the appleTV and vice versa. But if I open the applteTV control from the control center on the iphone, it can't find the apple TV.

I would also like to add a service for chromecast, but it seems that one can only use the predefined services. Is there a reason why you won't let one setup own services like _googlecast._tcp.local. ?

Also I can't delete a added service by clicking on the x. I can click as often as possible, but nothing happens, so a added service cant be deleted.



Hi Aero, 

          Can you please remove firewall from the equation and try the same scenario. Basically, cambium AP acts as a bonjour gateway to provide bonjour service accross VLAN's. Bonjour gateway service provides you granularity to specify the service that needs to be accessed. 



Any news about that? I‘m still not able to delete services/rules in cnmaestro cloud. I can add some, but the delete button has no function.

Also, is there a howto to make chromecast work across vlans?



Am I the only one with the problem in cnmaestro cloud?

I have the same problem!
Were you be able to solve the problem?

Can you work with customer service to resolve your issue.
If you are using cnMaestro and have the User-Defined Overrides you should be able to add any service here. Examples below:

bonjour-fw rules Apple-TV _airplay 102 104
bonjour-fw rules Apple-TV _airplay 104 102

For the delete function, what version of cnMaestro and cnPilot code are you currently running?

Thanks for quick response!
I’m able to add any service through User-Defined Overrides in cnMaestro.
Currently I have the following services:

bonjour-fw rules Apple-TV1 _airplay._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Apple-TV2 _airplay._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Printer1 _ipp._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Printer2 _ipp._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Printer3 _printer._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Printer4 _printer._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Printer5 _raop._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Printer6 _raop._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Airplay1 _airplay._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Airplay2 _airplay._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules HP1 _universal._sub._ipp._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules HP2 _universal._sub._ipp._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules HP3 _cups._sub._ipp._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules HP4 _cups._sub._ipp._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Airplay1 _mediaremotetv._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Airplay2 _mediaremotetv._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Airplay3 _companion-link._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Airplay4 _companion-link._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Airplay5 _homekit._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Airplay6 _homekit._tcp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Airplay7 _sleep-proxy._udp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Airplay8 _sleep-proxy._udp.local. 1 3
bonjour-fw rules Airplay9 _touch-able._tcp.local. 3 1
bonjour-fw rules Airplay10 _touch-able._tcp.local. 1 3

My problem is, that fowarding is not working. I don’t get any result (Airprint, Airplay etc.).
I’ve logged this in Wireshark in target VLAN, but can’t see any forwarded mdns request.

Any idea?

Please open a Customer Support ticket, so we can gather all the necessary information at once to help resolve this issue. Without gathering all the facts, any more information than what has been provided would constitute a guess.

And what was the result?

I can’t find any record of a ticket from @eivissafan, and it doesn’t look like they’ve returned to this site since making those posts. Another appearance by DenverCoder9 I think.

If you’re having the same problem, I suggest creating a ticket yourself. If you do eventually get a resolution, feel free to post the answer here :slight_smile:

I avoided that bullet.

I am working a project where I have to build an AV network inside another companies’ network.

The “IT GUYS” Use Fortinet, and clearly don’t know what they are doing. They can’t figure out how to do a VLAN. They can’t figure out how to do a 2.4 only SSID. They don’t know how broadcasts work… It’s painful.

Yesterday came up the “wait, how do we see the iPads on the TVs?”

Remember the Airmedias you nixed!
Look you need some sort of Bonjour Gateway or MDNS. I have no idea what Fortinet does on that one.

3 hours later they moved the iPads off their network, and into the AV network DHCP.

You should have heard these pricks trying to lecture me about Trusted and Untrusted networks when we started the project… weeks ago… that should have been done in a day.

Hi Guys,
sorry I didn’t followed on this topic. So I haven’t opened a ticket until now.
I still need to do that, when I have time

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Is there a user guide that we can refer to for allowing services using Overrides ?

It would be easier with a user guide than to open tickets for every customer & device combinations. We generally see this required for USB/shared printers, wifi & wired printers, automation devices, & even AV devices.

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Completely agree with this. I’d love some documentation on this so we can better understand how the bonjour forwarding and bonjour-fw declarations work.

Josh, what specifically do you need?
Bonjour Forwarding allows the administrator to set up directional access between VLANs defined on the AP to allow traffic to flow between devices.

There is an example of a rule in this post above which can be used as a starting point.

If you need further assistance, please open a ticket with customer service.
Please provide the product you are using, the version of code currently loaded, and what management platform you are using. Opening a ticket you can post a current non-working AP configuration, which can then be analyzed and feedback can be given.

If the Cambium Product User-Guide does not provide enough information to successfully navigate the operation and configuration of this or any other feature you wish to use, please open a customer support ticket, so the deficiency can be addressed.

If this is the complete section from the APs configuration, the command to enable bonjour-gw is missing.
add bonjour-gw to the top commands.

Also, if VLAN 1 is your native network connection, then this may not work.
The feature is to allow flow between VLANs normally like VLAN 1 is the bridge, but VLAN 101 and 102 are for connected traffic for say students (102) to connect to network resources on teacher VLAN (101).