Is the bonjour-gw working and what about custom services?


I was happy, finding that there's a bonjour gateway implemented in the cnpilot line. My understanding is that it reflects services from one vlan to another.

First of all I'm interessted if someone can use it successfull.

I tried by enabling the bounjour-gw and added a service for the appleTV from the vlan where the appleTV sits, to another vlan where my iphone want's to control it. My firewall is configured, that it allows the traffic from the iphone to the appleTV and vice versa. But if I open the applteTV control from the control center on the iphone, it can't find the apple TV.

I would also like to add a service for chromecast, but it seems that one can only use the predefined services. Is there a reason why you won't let one setup own services like _googlecast._tcp.local. ?

Also I can't delete a added service by clicking on the x. I can click as often as possible, but nothing happens, so a added service cant be deleted.



Hi Aero, 

          Can you please remove firewall from the equation and try the same scenario. Basically, cambium AP acts as a bonjour gateway to provide bonjour service accross VLAN's. Bonjour gateway service provides you granularity to specify the service that needs to be accessed. 



Any news about that? I‘m still not able to delete services/rules in cnmaestro cloud. I can add some, but the delete button has no function.

Also, is there a howto to make chromecast work across vlans?



Am I the only one with the problem in cnmaestro cloud?