Is there a 5ghz product that can get us 250mbps 26 miles? Can the force 400 do it?

We have a link going 26 miles, currently using af 5xhd’s. We need something that has an sfp port do to FM interference. Can the force 400 do this?

Yes! The F400c has a 10gbps capable SFP+ port along with gigabit copper port. For a 26mi link I’d recommend at least 2’ dishes, possibly 3’ depending on interference and/or EIRP limitations for your region.

So I can pretty much ignore cambiums “20 miles max” thing as long as we’re using large enough dishes?

@Fedor @aka any updates on the max distance allowed in ePTP mode? I thought that it was increased at some point, possibly in beta firmware?

It remains the same. Longer range is available in TDD mode.
We can provide TDD alpha firmware.
We already have 30+ links with the distances over 30 km and up to 118 km running in production in Mexico.


We currently have 3 ft dishes for our 5XHD’s. Its a 41km link. What kind of performance could I expect using the 400c? I need around 300x150mbps.

Normally I’d point you in the direction of LinkPlanner online and you could model it there, but modeling only supports ePTP mode. There’s nothing for TDD.

In TDD mode, you can get just over 200mbps per 20MHz of spectrum used assuming you can achieve 1024QAM reliably.

In order to deliver at minimum 300x150mbps, you’ll need to use an 80MHz channel width. Do you have 80MHz of relatively clean spectrum available? Do you have any EIRP restrictions in your region that would prevent you from using maximum TX power on the radios?

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