Is there a radome for the ePMP Force 425?

I am concerned about wind loading and was wondering if there is a radome for the ePMP Force 425?

No radome available for F425. However dish and assembly can handle upto 200 kmph.

Say it ain’t so. I am located in a high wind area and have concerns about wind loading.

Without a radome I am afraid the 425 will act like a big sail catching all the wind and pushing or twisting the poll mount/mast out of place.

As an option, use a F400 and combine with any antenna & radome you wish.
We are using our Force400’s with some UBNT RD-5G30-LW (Lightweight) with their ISO-BEAM-620 radome/isolator, and that seems to work fine.

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Thanks for the info will look into those dishes.

By chance have you tried the radios in nLOS or NLOS?

They are 5Ghz radios - so only really suitable for LOS.