Is there a way to see elevation in the maps?

When setting up a point to point link when you look at the profile, you can see a lot of times you are in a low point and there is an obstruction. Is there a way to view this on the map so you could more accurately relocate the end points and take advantage of that?

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Hi Ramon,

Great to hear from you. We don’t show the elevation contours on the map views, but we do have a viewshed facility that allows you to check what can be “seen” either as visual LOS or including the Fresnel zone for your choice of frequency with ranges up to 30 km from your chosen point. You can also adjust your tower height and subscriber height to get an idea of whether extra height will improve the visibility. Please take a look at Viewsheds in our User Guide for more information or check out our training module on our Cambium Learning Portal at Viewshed Demo