is there an utility to find the IP for epmp's

Hi, i'm looking for an utility to find the IP address for a ePMP


Shouldn't be needed usually.  Unless you've intervened at a low level, it should always respond to  (or on older firmware)  That intervention, to change the default IP, wasn't available until recently (2.3.x I believe) and AFAIK can only be done via SNMP right now.

That said, if you can't reach it there you can try jacking a laptop into POE, fire up Wireshark on that laptop sniffing traffic on ethernet, then plug radio into POE and watch for packets coming from the radio once it brings up ethernet link - gratuitous ARP, attempts to reach gateway or NTP server, etc.


I wonder if cambium will add a discovery protocol in the future like CDP Cisco Discovery Protocol or MNDP from mikrotik as Ubiquiti do, so, we can discover Epmp devices in our routers.


CDP would be very nice to have!


Plz Chk it out: ipscan
Hope it'll work for u.
I've been using it for a long time.


Asif Hasan