Is this site strictly canopy or .....?

Man I gotta say the more I work with this motomesh stuff, the more I hate it. I am hoping it is due to ignorance and not because the product is as awful as it seems. Does this forum support the motomesh IAP and Wireless Routers or just simply the canopy stuff? I have began to build a network using Canopy as a backbone and IAP’s to tie into the canopy, but I have become more and more frustrated at how complicated the issues are. My God it takes an act on Congress to add a Wireless Router in Device Manager (or maybe someone who knows more about it). The PDF’s aren’t much help because they cover stuff that is pretty easy for one to figure out on there own. Where can information be found regarding the fundamentals? Why so many MAC addresses in a WR? What are they for? Transciever, Host, QDMQ, Auuugh! I threatened my vendor yesterday that I was gonna scrap the whole project if I didn’t get some support pretty soon.

The vast majority of the users on this forum are dealing with Canopy PTMP or PTP products. I haven’t seen many topics on the other products in the Wi4 portfolio.

Have patience. Maybe somebody there have the same experience, or have successfully found a solution for that already.

Keep checking.