Is this WiFi Designer Accurate?

I’m trying to design a network in a wide open warehouse with e600 APs and I’m setting the dBM threshold for -65, which i figured is the bare minimum. When I look at the e600 on the floor plans, it shows it only covers approx 90 feet (with 5 & 2.4GHz)!! How can that be possible when the range is rated at 800 feet??

Please advise,
Thanks in advance!

To be honest I’ve never used WiFi Designer… I have used the e600 and based on experience with that, I think a more appropriate threshold for maximum rage would be @ -80dBm, or Roam SnR threshold at 13.

I would imagine that 800 feet would represent a best case scenario at low data rates.

Hi thanks for the reply, -80 dbm seems extremely week tho…

But sure I understand best case scenaro, I wasn’t expecting anywhere near 800 feet but def more than 90. In this scenario it would take approx 20 APs to have a more decent signal?

Yeah, so use something in between -65 and -80 in your WiFi Designer and see if it meets your coverage and speed expectations better.

Here is my input, I have designed at least 50 warehouse networks in the last 12 years so I hope it makes some sense.

  1. You should be using outdoor access points, such as e501, e502, and maybe some e500.
  2. Important to ensure you maintain a line of sight or very close to a clear line of sight. The focus of your coverage should be on traffic aisles and not where the product is stored.
  3. Your coverage of -65 is great, that will work for you.
  4. The mapping tool will only work on the aisles as it is only two dimensional. The tool is not able to calculate the height of the stored products. You can correct this by using the tool to build walls where storage is located.

That is a great tool, we are for design at least five maps each day.

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