Isolate port on CnMatrix TX2020R-P

Hi averyone.
Are there some feacture on a switch to do something like this example?:
I need to isolate a group Port (1-7,SFP1) to another group Port (8,SFP2).
The final implementation simulate that we have 2 switch whit only one hardware.

I am also wondering if this is possible.

How it works on a Netonix:

Any port with Port Isolation Enabled will not talk to any other port with Port Isolation also Enabled. Pretty much the same as client Isolation on an AP.

Hi Alejo,

We support Port Isolation (aka Private VLAN Edge) in which protected ports (typically access ports) can only talk to unprotected ports (typically uplink ports). We don’t support separate groups of port isolation within a same switch.

Can you provide some info on how to enable this feature?

By default all ports are unprotected. To enable protection on a port, use the commands:
inter gi 0/1 <<<<< or ‘interface range gi 0/1-24’ for a group of ports
switchport protected

To see the setting: show vlan port gi 0/1

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