Isolation working?

Ok not sure whats going on have AP on 14.1.2 or 14.2.1 with wireless isolation setting?

Have 2 SM's connected to an AP on a CMM4 w/ Switch and in both option 1 and option 2 set for wireless filtering neither way can they talk to each other, in option 2 it should get forwarded to the CMM4 and then sent back to the same AP to the SM.

I moved 1 of the SM's to a different AP on the same CMM4w/switch and tada they instantly connect tcpip server/client connection between the 2 SM's devices. 

So its somehow getting isolated somewhere or im missing something

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Do you mean by enabling, SM Isolation > Option 1/2, they were able to talk each other, whereas it shouldn't? Please correct me if am wrong.

With option 1 they can't talk which is expected as its getting dropped, but in option 2 it Should because it should get routed to the CMMSwitch and then switched back to the AP again to be passed to the other SM.

But that doesnt seem to be happening in both option 1 and option 2 the SMs can't talk to each other, when i'm pretty sure option 2 used to work in the old pmp100's we had (but those were on seriously old firmware)

Please give us somw time to reproduse the same in our lab and update you.

The behaviour you are seeing is as expected.

When Option 2 is selected, the data from one SM to the other, on the same AP, is sent upstream out of the AP's ethernet.
CMM4 does NOT send the data back to the same AP.

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Hmmmm so the cmm4 won't bridge it back, so i need to completely disable isolation on the AP to make it work.

Whats the point of option 2 then.

Yes, you are right. You need to disable SM Isolation, for the SMs to talk to each other.
When Option 2 is selected, you should have a device/application in the upstream network, which can re-route the packet back to the AP.

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