ISP Billing System

We are getting ready to roll out a Canopy System with 100 SM which should soon grow to 1,000 plus. However, we don’t have an ISP Billing system in place already.

I don’t think the Canopy System has any built in, so your help in recommending one would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, the billing system should allow us to bill our users as well as wi-fi hot spot users.



We currently use Rodopi ( for our Dialup and DSL customers. We are still in the processes of rolling out our Canopy implementation, and have hopes that BAM will beable to interface with our existing radius servers and can feed usage stats to Rodopi.

I can recommend for everyone. It’s nice, easy to redesign, easy to write plugins, can do billing, handle deposits, do cpe management, all stuff stored in easy to access sql database. As written in php, very easy to connect to any other database (like i’m getting usage info from nacct-mysql)

we"re using platypus. it gives web access to customers and most features of a cellular type company[/quote]

We Are using Advanceisp billing and i m trying to integrates it with radius as it is using thriod party radius.and i have configured BAm 2 for radius which was a night mare for me

We use

can any body tell me how you have configure the Bam 2.0 with Radius as i can see that there is only port alias that we can define in /etc/canopy/canopyapi.xml.
as cant make user come online after that.
and my Billing guys are saying that it is only sending auterization packets not accounting packets.

really stuck up need help urgently.


Saud Hassan

We dont use any M$ software and have been using Gnucash. Does anyone know of a good opensource billing system that runs on BSD and/or Linux? as i mentioned above.

Hi Alex,

If anyone is still looking at this thread, Dynasoft has a competitively priced billing system for ISP. We're a UK company but provide our systems to many ISP and Telco's inUK,  Australia, NZ and beyond. Check out our system as it is a Saas system with customer care portal and integration with Xero, TekRadius and Radius Manager. It's called Dynasoft TeleFactura. Prices start from only USD59 a month.


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