ISP interview on ePMP

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KP performance and other vendors already have 4x4 sector antennas out there, also im sure you'll be able to connect 1 4x4 ap to two 2x2 sectors like rf elements horn antennas, just point both to the same spot.

That doesn't sound like it would work as desired...


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We want to mention that we use antennas with 45 / 60 / 90 and rarely of 120 of degrees, can it be possible that you have these options for this product ? to benefit from new product ? 

On City for example we use only 45 degrees antennas because we have many connections at on small angle.

If your concern is sector load, 8 90-degree APs each - overlapping two adjacent sectors about 50% - with inteference rejection and spatial steering benefits should work out.  Clients will connect to the strongest (and with a 45-degree offset between sectors there will usually be ONE strongest, not two) and can of course be pushed to specific sectors through a variety of mechanisms.  (frequency, ssid, wpa2-key)


That said, I too would like to see a 45/60 sector antenna along with the 90/120 type currently offered.  It would help with some interference concerns, and aid in ABCABC frequency reuse for example.



Not shure if fols in the same category as epmp but i am curious about announced ptp 950 :grinning: ,any cool new info about that?

More throughput is nice but, since AC wave 2 support 8X8 MU-MIMO up to 4 devices (so 4 devices with 2 streams), why wait ePMP 4000 for 8x8 ? We where expecting an 8X8 option for dense area.

PMP450 cost too much, including CPE outdated licence by throughput price, and we personnaly think we better invest in fiber for dense area but affordable 8X8 AP would have been seriously consider in several area until AX is available.

4X4 may still be ok for rural area but I don't think those 4X4 AP will slow the fact that several WISP are moving to fiber. 

Hi Mike99,

Although 11ac standard supports 8x8 none of Wi-Fi chipset vendors support it with their mass market chipsets. This is why we have only 4x4 with ePMP3000. With the new generation of 11ax chipsets coming by the end of this year we will see first 8x8 MU-MIMO hardware in the high end home routers made by early adopters. 



Thanks, I didn't know no chipset whe're available to mass market. That disapointing. Whe're invest a lot in fiber since affordable wireless devices performance don't follow market need and high end radio price in dense area make fiber deployement price way more viable.