ISP interview on ePMP

ISP interviewed Sakid Ahmed and Dmitry Moiseev of the ePMP team for an hour on all things ePMP. Check out the recording HERE. Post your comments and questions to this thread.


I highly recommend this presentation for the up coming products and to keep updated with the lastest Cambium technology 

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The really fun stuff starts about 25min in... details on ePMP 3000 802.11ac AP, and client products... and a  HUGE surprise  to me, some details on ePMP 4000 802.11ax!!!


Spoiler Alert

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Nice.  Not sure if I missed it, but do we know when the ePMP3000 will be shipping?

Will you be attending our Open House at WISPAPALOOZA in October?

Very interesting!

Any news on ePMP 4000 you talked about in the interview?

Hi there,

No, that is a very future project and I shared that as part of our vision/long term roadmap intention. I am sure we will share more as we get closer.


Our goal is Q2 of 2018.

Hi.  I assume that this answer from Sakid...

@Sakid Ahmed wrote:

Our goal is Q2 of 2018.

is in reply to this question from richinuk...

richinuk wrote:

do we know when the ePMP3000 will be shipping?

And that it's not in reply to the question about the 4000, right?

About ePMP 3000 I understood it will be 2x capacity only if you have all Force 220/300 SMs, is that correct?

ninedd, I think Q2 2018 is for ePMP 4000, and in October they'll present ePMP 3000. Is that right?

Could be - in the presentation I think he said ''distant future'' and 'throw some years, like 2019 or 2020' for 4000.

I hope that's not 2019 or 2020 for ePMP 4000, that's too far, fiber is coming :-D

While we all wish we can create quality products based on the latest standards in an instant, development takes time.

We are targeting release of the ePMP 3000 system in Q2, 2018.

The ePMP 4000 will be beyond that...

@giuseppe4 wrote:

I hope that's not 2019 or 2020 for ePMP 4000, that's too far, fiber is coming :-D

Worse news yet...  ePMP5000 won't be out till 2025!!   LOL.  :)

I'm teasing you of course... but Cambium was just trying to give an idea of what is right around the corner, but also an idea of the more distant future, to let us know what even while they are finishing up the 3000, that they are already eyeing the 4000 line down the road.  So this isn't bad news, it's good news. It means that Cambium has ongoing development and wil continue to get better and better over time.  :)


@giuseppe4 wrote:

I hope that's not 2019 or 2020 for ePMP 4000, that's too far, fiber is coming :-D

Here is an article I see about the timeline for AX chip and standard development - so it looks like the IEEE and the 'AX' industry (not just Cambium only) expects to have approved standards and chips for products in the 2019/2020 time frame. :)   SO - we should deploy the ePMP1000 / 2000 now, and the 3000 when it's available. :)

Availability â€“ Our working-model schedule for .11ax at present (and thus subject to change) is as follows:

  • Approved draft IEEE standard – 1Q 2018
  • Interim Wi-Fi certification – 4Q 2018
  • Final Wi-Fi certification – 4Q 2019
  • Volume production – 4Q 2019
  • Broad client-device availability – 2020
  • Majority of Wi-Fi units sold – 2H 2021 in terms of sales,
    and 2023/2024 in terms of overall installed base.
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Hi.  So, reading on the AX chipset (which I understand is a LONG way off....) the general info says it's a 2.4 and 5Ghz technology.  With 802.11ac being a 5ghz only type of equipment (and with the ePMP2000 being 5Ghz only) - does it follow that the ePMP4000 based on AX chipset might be available in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz flavours?

Again, I know it's a long-distant future, but just wondering if the early scratches on the chalkboard have a 2.4Ghz channel as well?  :)


I would like to add one thing regarding the antenna used taking into account the new one epmp 3000 it is 4X4 MUMIMO we will have to use the new sectors that will be available for this product form Cambium.

We want to mention that we use antennas with 45 / 60 / 90 and rarely of 120 of degrees, can it be possible that you have these options for this product ? to benefit from new product ? 

On City for example we use only 45 degrees antennas because we have many connections at on small angle.

If small degrees antennas are not available, we do not see how we can integrate this new product.

Hope I made myself understood.

Best regards,


KP performance and other vendors already have 4x4 sector antennas out there, also im sure you’ll be able to connect 1 4x4 ap to two 2x2 sectors like rf elements horn antennas, just point both to the same spot.