ISPCON Canopy Forum Meet

Let’s plan on 7:00 - 7:30 Weds night

Dave & Busters
940 Great Mall Dr, Milpitas, CA
(408) 957-9215

Good food, good bar, pool

Boy am “I” jealous!!! :smiley: I truly LOVE D&B (Disneyland for grown-up kids!!!)

Hey Jerry, take a poll of the folks you meet there and ask them if they would support the kind of project that you heard about on my conference call last week. It’s still not-for-discussion openly (yet), but I would be interested in how much support you get with the Canopy folks you meet there!

Then swear them to secrecy!!! :smiley:

Roger, over!

aww what the hell…I may go just for the D & B…plus i need a vacation

I think we should take up donations so i can go LOL J/k sounds fun. maybe i can go when its closer or my investment jumps back in my pocket. oh vince i have you beat by 1 post.

not anymore

You guys are of great advantage…

Philippines is a far cry to California. =D