Issue Onboarding to Cnmaestro Cloud

We are trying to migrate our devices from Cnmaestro on Premises to Cnmaestro cloud. So far we have moved 41 and have 570 devices left to move. We are having issues moving some devices to the cloud. So far six radios have failed to onboard to Cnmaestro Cloud, all of them are F200 radios with the MAC address 58:C1:7A. The F180 radios with this MAC address have all worked so far as well as all F200 and F180 radios with the MAC address 00:04:56. The F200 radios that fail to onboard to the Cloud can be onboarded to Cnmaestro On-Premises without any issue. We are currently on the trial version of Cnmaestro X but we were having this issue before we were upgraded to Cnmaestro X. Has anyone else had this issue or know what might be causing it?

Hi ,

Can you please raise a support ticket so that team can quickly help on resolving the issue.


We have opened a support ticket.