Issue with CMM & PTP 100 + SNMP

Hi guys, Curiosly is anyone else using WUG here?

I recently purchased it (Newest, V16) and am having issues with the newest firmware of CMM's  4.x (Amusingly, the previous 2.x and 3.x work fine.) However due to a strange response coming from the 4.x firmware the result is it crashes my discovery service on WUG during detection.

I've had a similar result with the PTP100 series radios however it's intermittent (One time it will add fine, a few hours later while adding new ones it crashes again.) 

I've taken some pcaps of the issue as I've been trying to get WUG to handle it because regardless of the response they should be sanitizing the data coming back to them and it shouldn't be causing such a fault, but it's also a strange issue on canopy's side that i'd like to get resolved as well specifically for the CMM's as they are fairly important..

If this is still an issue, please open a ticket with support.