Issue with UPLINK

Hi guys i have some issues with uplink/upload with epmp 1000


My preffered channel is 20 and frquecy is 5460-5580

Hi Chagga,

Most likely reason is interference on ce page screenshotSM side.

I would be really appreciate it if you could provide RF Spectrum from SM side and also Monitor->Performan and Monitro -> Wireless page screenshots from AP.

Thank you.

Since its Uplink that is impacted, a Spectrum Analysis on the AP will also help. 


Did you resolve this issue with an uplink? I am having the same issue with uplink. Whatever ratio I choose I never get uplink greater then downlink. It is really weird and I am suspicious about AP. I upgraded AP on new 3.0 version and same issue. I tried only with one SM and many channels that are clean and I never got uplink greater than downlink in any ratio scenario 75/25 50/50 30/70 or flexible. AP is ePMP1000 gps-sync-radio.



Hi chagga,
Did you resolve this issue with an uplink? i am having same issue

So you do realize that that post was from 6 years ago? If I were you, I’d start a completely new post outlining your issues, and any troubleshooting steps you’ve taken, along with more information about your radios… like, what firmware revision are you running, is it e1k, or e2k, or e3k, etc.

yes I am, and I found your reply post 5 years ago, and I’m trying on my AP