Issues with 450I AP 900


Right now i have Two 65 degree 450I sectors on top of my 200foot tower. We have one facing South and the other North. We have them syncing via UGPS they are both running 10 MHZ channels one at 907 and the other at 916. Our AP thats running in 916 customers range from -60to-78 db with a avg SNR of 25-35db running mimo b. Speeds of 20 Plus megs when we open them up. On the other AP running at 907 we have similar Signals from -60 to 78db. Interference looks good when i run the spectrum analyzer. I noticed the Other AP is not running mimo B and All our Customers SNR value is betweek 0-10 db and Customers can't pull anymore throughput then 2-4megs. We are realizing this Might be a Issue with the AP. Cabling issue or Radio Issue. I am just asking if anyone else has ran into this problem.



Are you using an acutal UGPS device? We had an extremely hard time to get timing to work on these things - I don't know why they had to screw everything up. No UGPS here but we had to run them off of a CMM4 to get acceptable performance.

Any overlap with PMP100?

Yep actual cambium UGPS sync module

I'm curious, if you're using GPS timing, why aren't you using back to back frequency reuse on these two opposing sectors? Have you tried simply turning off the good sector to see if the bad sector improves?