Issues with Column Sorting in cnMaestro?


We are using cnMaestro on-premise Version 2.3.0-r28.  Recently rebooted before reporting this.

I am finding that cnMaestro is having an issue sorting one particular column properly.  It's not a major issue, but it does appear to be an issue nonetheless.

When in the Manage section, and looking at the Details tab of a particular Access-point, and viewing the list of SM's, there seems to be an issue with sorting of the Throughput (UL).

When sorting in one direction, the values are stacked from lowest at the top, to highest at the bottom.  When clicking that again, to reverse the order of the sort, the values are randomized.  No other column seems to act this way (distance, session uptime, throughput-DL).

Picture attached to show.

Is anyone else able to confirm this happens for them?

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I can confirm, running an older release 2.2.1.

I just noticed this today on 2.3.2-r7.

Hi Folks,

We have identified this issue and will be fixing it in the upcoming cnMaestro version - 2.4.0. Currently, cnMaestro version - 2.4.0 is tracking towards the end of April.


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