Issues with GPS & cnMaestro with 2.6.2 firmware

Hello All,

Curious if anyone else is experiencing issues with the latest firmware 2.6.2?

I recently upgraded my existing Cambium AP's and SM's to 2.6.2 and immediately noticed that all of them indicate that they are not connected to the internet via the globe icon on the top right hand side of the interface. Also, the the GPS functionality on the AP's immediately went to GPS Link Down and quit transmitting. I had to place the GPS to internal to get them back operational. As for the SM's, they are operational, given that the icon signifies no internet connectivity.

Also, today I added a new SM to the system with 2.6.2 and also noticed the "no internet connectivity" status and also, I am unable to onboard it to cnMaestro. It states that it will connect in 1 minute.

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.


I have cnMaestro tell me my devices are offline constantly. I have it on 26 of my SMs right now under 2.6.1 and a couple of the 2.6.2 SMs show down as well but are working perfectly fine and everything in cnMaestro updates other than offline status.


This isn't something we've seen in testing or via beta feedback for the release - the development team and I will investigate.



I had 1 AP give me the offline status for its respective SM's, but that was due to having 2.6 firmware. But you are correct, the radios work perfectly even though it gives that alert. The issue is I am unable to onboard a new SM with 2.6.2. All other SM's that have been onboarded previously to the firmware upgrade can still be monitored with cnMaestro using the new firmware. We just installed a new client today and I had 2.6.1 and I just onboarded it without a problem.

As for the AP's, I downgraded them to 2.6.1 with GPS antenna enabled and they are working as they should. If 2.6.2 were on them, they simply gave me a "GPS Link Down" and not transmit.

Thanks for the replies guys. I'll keep posting as I dig more into this scenario.


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I have this all the time too - cnMaestro reports that my AP's and SM's are offline quite often. Yesterday, one of the AP's was listed as being offline for many hours - although it's 13 clients were all shown under it as being online just fine.  :)

I've kinda thought it was because our network is NAT'd at our Gateway/Firewall and all on a private 10.x.x.x network - and I thought that was maybe confusing cnMaestro.

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Hi MVCWireless,

I understand you have identified three issues with 2.6.2:

1. No internet connectivity indicated on the Globe Icon.

2. No GPS Sync. 

3. Unable to on-board.

I looked into these items.

For internet connectivity we were able to get the AP and SMs to show connectivity, although the SM took a little longer to show connectivity than expected and we are looking into this.  In order to have connectivity, the device must be able to contact the DNS server.  To get connectivity to the DNS server, static DNS IP address must be entered or the DNS IP address can be obtained if the device is configured for DHCP addressing in which case when the IP address for the device is returned, the DNS IP address is also returned.

We have not had a problem with GPS Sync.  I have a GPS Sync device at my desk and it is successfully obtaining GPS Sync with 2.6.2.

With regard to cnMaestro on-boarding, this works, too.  We did have an issue that we resolved in the official 2.6.2 release that was present in pre-release 2.6.2-RCs where connectivity could be lost to the device by cnMaestro when the device was under load, but this has now been fixed in official 2.6.2 and should be working better.

Daniel Sullivan

ePMP Systems and Software Manager

I have the same issue but with 2.6.1 or .2   The links show down but some still show a strong rssi...-45.  Very short shots crossing parking lots and streets.   The radios seem to be functioning but bad info on Maestro.