Issues with link from v3000 to v5000

Recently I attempted to link a v3000 to a v5000. Unfortunatly after many attempts I was unable to establish the link. I followed the parameters explained in the “Establishing PMP with cnwave v5000-v3000” video with no success. I verified my sector options odd/even and node configurations. This test was done outside so the disable GPS option was not selected. I tried the link at various distances with the closest being around 380 meters. Does anyone have any insight as to what could have potentially been my issue? I apologize if this question has been asked before.

Thanks in advance

Could aiming perhaps have been a problem? Do you have experience aiming high-gain antennas? Did you use a scope?

Just some thoughts.

At 380 meters as long as the dish was pointed at the sector, even roughly, one would expect things to link up. Could you try bringing the client side even closer to the AP just to rule out any configuration issues?

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Hi cvillarreal,

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your install. Could you please check the following:

  1. Is the V3000 configured as a DN or CN?
  2. On the dashboard of both units, does the GPS Fix Type report 3D?
  3. On the Topology → Nodes page, does the V5000 (assuming this node is upstream of the link you are trying to establish) report “Online Initiator” or just “Online”?
  4. What Country code do you have configured under Configuration → Network? Different regions have different EIRP limits for V3000.
  5. Is the path between the two nodes definitely unobstructed line of site? If it is possible, a photo of the alignment from behind the V3000 might be helpful.
  6. How was the link aligned? Was a scope and our official mounting used?
  7. Field diagnostics can be downloaded from the unit for us to examine. If you would like me to take a look and check the configuration, please provide field diags downloaded from the Tools → Logs page.

Just to confirm, if you were to directly face the V5000 radiating towards you, Sector 1 as you see it would be on the left and Sector 2 would be on the right.


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Some more info regarding V3000 alignment:

I appreciate the quick responses. On the v3000 I used the quick setup and set it as a CN unit. Both units did show GPS 3D. Country codes were set to US. The V5000 is mounted on our tower at approx 50ft and the v3000 had a 8ft fence at a distance away but aside from that clear line of site. No scope was used for the alignment. I was facing the v5000 and was trying to associate to Sector 1. I am going to try again today but at 300m. If I still have issues then I will most certainly provide the logs. During the test I was verifying with the events page and would see that the v5000 would try to associate the neighbor but nothing after that.