Issues with xv2-21

  1. XV2-21 V6.5.3-R8 when i put a 5 GHz radio in automatic, it does not work, When i put static channel (157) with 27 power, it disconnects clients and network
  2. Radius admin login and radius wifi authentication are rejecting, showing invalid username and password using onpremise radius server

Hi Timothy, please create a support ticket for these issues and they can help you. Thanks.

did a support ticket get created for this item?

Yes, i was provided with this

But not yet successful

do you need additional help here?

Yes please. I will be very much pleased.

I had to trave over 1500km for just this

did you update your support ticket with the information that the recommended changes did not solve your problem? If not, please update your Support ticket so our Internal Technical Support team are notified and can respond.

@TimoWanume ,

Please send the Support ticket ID to