Java Exception List for Spectrum Analyzer on ePMP

If you have to update the Exception List for Java to get the Spectrum Analyzer tool to run, there is a way to bulk add IP Addresses instead of entering them one by one through the Java control panel.

There is an exception.sites file where these IPs are stored.

On my computer this file was located in... 


If you open this file in a text editor you can copy and paste the IP addresses for all of the radios that you need to run a spectrum analysis on. (Be sure to include "http://" or "https://" depending on which you use to connect to your radios.)

If you cannot find this file try these additional resources.


Good info, thanks. :)
It's too bad that we can't use a wildcard, something like 'http://10.24.1.*' 

Very much agree, ninedd. It seems nothing is ever easy.