Java exception when trying to enable SM auto update on 450 AP

I am getting a Java null pointer exception error when trying to enable SM autoupdate.  CNUT version 4.12.7.  CNUT reports Java Version: 1.6.0_15 even though computer has latest Java runtime, not sure if that is normal.  AP version is 15.2, wanting to update SMs to same.  I have done SM auto update on other APs from this computer for a long time, I'm puzzled why all of a sudden I'm getting this error.

10/05/18 09:59:44 WARN    Host: ***.***.***.***;ESN: 0A003E40F567;Message: Exception while updating device(r12): APL-DES: java.lang.NullPointerException (SITE= ************)

Ken, please check your messages to contact me directly. Neil

@NSJS I am also getting the same error message.  Anything you can help with?  I was able to update the AP w/o problems.

@redpeppers, Neil is no longer with Cambium.  What is the issue that you are running into?  What version of CNUT and AP/SMs you are trying to upgrade from/to?

hi, i have the same issue...; i'm using windows cnut 4.12.8 and i'm trying to enable autoupdate in a pmp450 ap lite that is running firmware version 16.0.1; the same issue happen with other versione of firmware...; how to fix it?

@mauromognon, The issue was fixed on and 16.1.   Sorry for the inconvenience.