Javascript OD

The ePMP1000 webUI is still just way too damned Javascript-heavy.  It seemed worse on the older (dark) UI, but it's still painful.

I haven't tried profiling or anything, but anecdotally I can say that if I have multiple radio logins going on an older desktop or a tablet/netbook that it rapidly becomes unusable, taking 30-40 seconds just to load up the page - frequently Firefox will warn "a script on this page has become unresponsive".

jQuery itself isn't that heavy, but you guys seem to have piled a huge volume of JS on this UI, and it really feels as though it needs some judicious pruning.


I can second this. On some PC's if you open more then one GUI, after some time it becomes unusable, but even one session is sometimes enough to cause the browser to get stuck.

I don't think there has ever been a UI I disliked more than I dislike  the ePMP UI. It's  horribly slow.  I also find it almost impossible to log into it from my phone because of the way the Username/Password dropdown works.

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Fixing the login box would be very nice on mobile and PC.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The GUI is under continous improvement and we'll hope to address some of these in upcoming releases.