Jelly Filled Cat 5e?

Does anyone use a jelly filled cat 5 cable? We have run into several installs that we needed to bury the connection to the premise. I have concerns that we will have to return soon for a repair??


I’ve used Mowhawk flooded 5e for burial jobs and it works fine. Make sure you get it 18" below grade to ensure it is not accidentally dug up. This stuff is not rodent resistant either so you need to keep that in mind if there is the threat of rodent damage.


Thanks for the note. Do you need a special tool to terminate the cable?



The only special tool you’ll need is a good sized stack of paper towels.

I HATE working with the filled cable, but you’ve got to use it if you want the install to last.

We have the home owner use conduit, then we use regular cable. I have some that have been in the ground for almost 5 years. No problems

You’ll need a pull-bucket of icky-pic (waterblocking compound) remover towels.

These can be usually found through Graybar or somewhere of that type.

I’ve always used Klien brand hand towels. They are soaked in citrus hand cleaner and this cleans the grease. I have not found that it damages the PIC (the plastic coating on the wire) so I suspect it is fine to use. A few linemen that I know use it on their telco splices so if it works for them, must be ok.

Termination is all the same. I’d suggest using STP connectors though, because of the extra thick jacket on the cable sometimes the cable has a hard time fitting into standard RJ45 connectors. STP connectors usually have a larger opening to put the cable in the connector.

These modular plugs are the ones I have found that fit the Mowhawk and Commscope flooded 5e UTP cables just right. … ventPage=1

we just used double shielded cable and it works fine. im pretty sure its teldor.

In situations where the cable needed to be protected from rodents we’ve actually ran it in lengths of garden hose - works quite well actually. I always cut a small hole on the bottom of the hose touching the ground so in the event any water makes it in the garden hose it at least has a place to escape.

We always used jell filled cat5 cable, for over six years now. We find it to be much stronger and durible, most will say its overkill and yes it is. An install i only have to go to once is worth it. For the past few years we have used this cable … ucts_id=29 It has 2 jackets with a jell filled center. It is also priced much lower than most jell cable, their is one draw back with this cable though and that is the spool. They need to improve their spool box, sometimes you get a good one and others you have to work abit to get it out of the box. This is all we use and we love it. Works great in the cold winters that we have as well.

Thanks to all for you comments