Jitter / RSSI

I believe accetable Jitter and RSSI ranges have changed with new firware on the 5.7 Ghz SM. Can someone tell me where I can find the acceptable range for both of these?

Are these advantage ap’s/sms? What you want to do is, only go buy the dbm leverl of the antenna. we dont put anyone above -80 dbm. As for jitter you want them as low as posible

What I really need to know is an acceptable Jitter range.

These are not Advantage SM’s — what is an Advantage SM?

This is a 5.7Ghz SM and is running s/w version CANOPY4.2.3 Jul 23 2004 11:13:49 SM-DES.

So what’s the acceptable Jitter range – does anyone know?


Try to stay below 5 or 6. Can you perform a link test? That would give you a good indicator also.


The manual says for jitter to stay at 4 or lower, but you can get away with 5-6.

As for RSSI, I have non-advantage links running at 740-760.

Oh, and I would upgrade to 7.1 right away. Makes alignment easier on 5.7.

As Mentioned, with the 5.7, you want to pay more attention to the power level (dbm’s) than the RSSI I would say. When you are in “User” mode, the dbm’s will be displayed beside the RSSI. Keep it above -80 (The higher the better). The jitter is best kept below 4, but that is really just to achieve a link with 99.999% reliability. The best way to check the link is to go to expanded stats and link test and run several 10 second link tests. You are really looking for the efficiency’s to be above 90% and preferably 100%.
Hope this helps!