Just can't get any upload on this link

We are sort of threading a needle on this install. Download is pretty solid 45 mbps in link test. We are at a -58 and ealign is pretty steady. We are connected to an epmp2K AP with Cambium sector with BSA. Definitely not in a lobe. We can't get higher than a 2 mbps upload. We have a couple other people connected as well where upload is also bad. Total of 11 customers on the AP. 8 have good up and down and 3 do not. Any thoughts on what can be causing the bad upload or if the trees might be a factor?  Both SM and AP are on SW version 3.5.6.  on a force 200 sm. Thanks

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What is the RSSI at the tower end of the radios that have good upload vs the ones that do not ?   

Customer cancelled before i could test more :(