Just Ordered an E600... looking forward to testing

Going to be trying out my first Product from Cambium in a few days.

I have been using Ruckus for years now. Its my go to for everything from Reis to Commercial. Prices keep going up and they no longer protect their partners at all.  Ordering has become quite the ordeal. Now  that everyone has them... I have acutally find myself "rebuilding" Ruckus networks sold by "The AV Guys".

Really tried to give Caps-Man a chance on Mikrotik. (I use their routers for everything.)  But the Radios are so cheap... the processors are the weaklink. If I have a WAN faster than 150M... client devices never see it due to radio's processors maxing out.

UniFi is nearly impossible to trouble shoot with its slow a crap, server update period. Things show as online 10 minutes after being unplugged. Perfomance has never even been close to Ruckus.

Seems all my distros got on board with Cambium... so I better at the least... order one to get acquainted


So much for testing.

Distributor just sent me this...

Hi Chris,

We have been advised by Cambium distribution that PL-E600PUSA-US is currently out of stock. We are currently awaiting more information regarding an ETA and will update you as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience, please let us know if any changes need to be made to your order.

I didn't even know the E600 was out yet let alone in distributors hands...

Why not start off with the E400 for testing? Unless your testing criteria involves 802.11ac wave 2 demonstrations... the units are pretty much the same. E400 is 802.11ac non-wave 2.

It does revolve around comparing to AC-MU APs.

I had seen things for Cambium in my emails for a few months now. The distributor I like had a “in stock” status. So I placed the order and they took the money. Few hours later… “Oops. We don’t actually have that.”

We've been using Meru/Fortinet, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, HPE, and other products for many years and for some of the reasons you mention, and others, we started to test Cambium for about a year or so.

In the beginning the products and controller laked features, but wow has Cambium been fast in updating and provided features to the cnPilot/cnMaestro line. Not everything is perfect in a WLAN enterprise perspective, but it has proven to be a solid candidate for us.

We have started to swap our installs from the manufactors mentioned above to Cambium. And with 100's of AP's already out there, we have had zero problems, and the performance is great.

We have also ordered E410 and E600, but since this two models isn't shipped to distributors yet it is hard to test them.
We've been told that they will arrive late June/early July.

Hope this helps you, and that you will become a "Cambium'er" like us :)


Hi Springs,

The first batch of E600 is expected to ship mid July. We should have inventory around mid August. 


Will have to  / try to cycle back in August.

Right now is slow as we don't have anything on the agenda for the week. So I would actually be able to test without 9 things hanging over me

I could start with the E410 and put it up against the Ruckus R510. The R510 is my staple for sports bars. The chain I have been converting over gets 2 R510s on the Floor, 1 H510 in the office, and a ZoneDirector in the Rack. 

Without one second of config or programing... We are looking at  $3070 in hardware.

Unleashed doesn't cut it... so i have to have that Zone Director in there. (There are list of "flakey things" that Unleashed does that makes me constantly scream "F&(% UNLEASHED!" )

I do however rely heavily on Captive portal, Social Log In, Guest Pass Generation, and DPSK. Right now I am toying with linking 3 stores over VPN to share the DPSK keys. If I had gone Virtual Cell I wouldn't need to.

I can't deal with the  CRAP perfomance of UniF--K. Not going back down that route. So I need to get close... When I saw that Social Log In was covered. I tried to order.

Yes, the E410 could be a good start. The E410 will be in stock sooner than the E600. We are expecting our shipment to arrive late June or early July.

Cambium solution would be signifcantly less expensive.


Less expesnive is one thing. But as I put it before... "I NEED IT TO NOT SUCK!" UniF--k is less expensive... but it SUCKS!

I need a real, workable solution. I was not aware that I was looking at vaporware. I was under the impression that the product was out and ready for bench. After watching the video and the posts in this thread...I can see that you are still a little ways off.

So I guess I will stop back in a few months.

After my last couple interactions with Brocade... all I can say is... HURRY UP CAMBIUM!!!

Here we are in August... Is the e600 in the wild and ready for testing?

(Had to make due with wAP ACs from Mikrotik to hit a budget last week.)

I only have the e501S and e410 in stock so far.


Another month down... anything shipping?

They should be shipping soon. Once they leave China lead time is 4 weeks.

The E501s, E500, and E410 are in stock! 


When I checked with indonesia distributor they didn't have product for E600. The un*f* has been launch their high density product.

Hi Spring,

i just have receve 2 E600 for some test. I have to repalce apple airport AC (no longer product) connected to pfsense. I'm not a specialist and have to make some work on it. The advantage of apple (even if I do not share their approach for a few year). It's because I know him, and we must recognize that although he has little option, he works well for my use.

The installation was rather simple, and we know that a good effort was made on the software, and I have indisputably many more options and services. But I have not noticed a noticeable improvement in the range, or the quality of the signal.

Although I waited to have the E600 for a better range to reduce the number of terminal, for the moment it seems not to be too possible, but I'm still in the testing phase.

probably I would do a try with a ruckus R710. I am well aware that the price has nothing to do, but I would like to realize by myself the difference in scope. (Knowing that my need is not too much on the number of connected, but on the scope).

If one of you has already made this type of comparison, in advance of your opinion.
A good evening.

Been so long… I forgot to check if this actually shipped.

Yes! Plenty of inventory on the shelf. Contact me if you are interested in placing an order.



The hardware was so late I completely forgot about this brand.

Guess I need to start looking into this again.