Karate Grand Prix Croatia - cnPilot WiFi coverage

International karate tournament in city Samobor, Croatia. Cambium Networks is covering event with public WiFi 3rd year in a row for 2000+ people during 2 days event.








It's been now few years of supporting this event. I am sharing some pictures/screenshots from the recent one.

cambium karate grandprix 4.jpg

cambium karate grandprix 2.jpg

cambium karate grandprix 3.jpg

Network preview.

  • 5 Access Points, each on it's own channel on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz (2 AP's sharing one channel) so co-channel interference is reduced
  • Access Points used were E700, 4x4:4:3 and E510 2x2:2
  • Clients by SNR graphs show high SNR values for majority of clients on the network
  • Clients by Performance graphs reflect SNR graphs. Majority of clients were communicating at a high data rates

cambium karate grandprix 5.JPG

Client distribution across Access Points in a randomly picked time in a day. Client count was in average 350-400 

cambium karate grandprix 6.JPG

I have seen peak of 94 clients on this AP

cambium karate grandprix 7.JPGcambium karate grandprix 9.png

Traffic to Internet was at a rate of 100-110 Mbps during peak hours of event with 600-900 GB usage per day for Youtube/Facebook/Twitter applications 

cambium karate grandprix 8.JPG

cambium karate grandprix 10.JPG