Kensington Security Slot on cnPilot Enterprise APs

Wi-Fi APs are sometimes deployed in a location where the physical security of the AP can be a concern. If mounted on a ceiling or a wall, or even a table-top install (sometimes seen with the indoor APs) there is a possibility that someone might just unplug the AP and walk away with it.

As a security mechanism to prevent or atleast deter such a threat, the cnPilot Enterprise APs include a Kensington Security slot so that the use can secure the AP using the appropriate cable and lock. To use this slot after the AP has been mounted, wrap the locking cable around some immovable object (or attach using its cable anchor depending on type of cable), then align the locking pin with the slot on Access Point, twist and lock the pin in place, securing the AP.

Kensington Slot on cnPilot e410Kensington Slot on cnPilot e410Kensington Slot on cnPIlot e600Kensington Slot on cnPIlot e600Close-up of the locking pin inside the slotClose-up of the locking pin inside the slot 

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