KeyError: u'MODEL_ITU_530_17'

If you try to open a project saved in v.5.4.0 in an earlier version of the LINKPlanner then you may see an error similar to:

Error details

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc”, line 2861, in OnSaveProject
File “link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc”, line 2833, in _save_project
File “link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc”, line 2789, in do_save
File “link_planner\model\generic.pyc”, line 3780, in save
File “link_planner\model\serialise\serialise.pyc”, line 595, in save_project
File “link_planner\model\serialise\format_v3.pyc”, line 217, in save_project
File “link_planner\model\serialise\format_v3.pyc”, line 178, in serialise_project
File “link_planner\model\serialise\format_v3.pyc”, line 276, in save_project_info
File “link_planner\model\serialise\common.pyc”, line 110, in get_attribute_dict
KeyError: u’MODEL_ITU_530_17’

Earlier versions of LINKPlanner do not support the same prediction models. You must set the prediction model to a valid setting if you want to save in earlier versions of LINKPlanner.

The performance predictions will be different, so you should upgrade to 5.4.0 at the earliest opportunity to take advantage of the latest features and fixes.



How we can update please send link

Hi Ravi,

When a new version of LINKPlanner is released you will see this in the older versions of LINKPlanner.

If you click on the link, then it will take you to the download page: Log In / Cambium Networks Support