"Kill Canopys" Forum Topic


Just an FYI

Thats too darn bad for them. They should come over to the dark side…


There is a solution to the problem though. It is called licensed frequencies.

Yeah… I’ve been in a bad mood today, and pretty much all week. Sorry. :evil:

I think they’re just jealous. Mikrotik has its place - I use it for my core router and mini-pops. It also works well for Hotspots. Also works for a cheap backhaul solution. Other than that Canopy and Alvarion are the only real multi-point solutions.

I’ll agree. They work great (no first hand experience, we’re a cisco and alcatel/lucent shop) for routers. I would not use them solely for PTP and PTMP though. There is just no reason to use anything other than Motorola or Alvarion for a final deployment that you expect to last a long time.