KP MU-MIMO Omin antenna. Any reason we could not user it with an ePMP 1000?

So we have an KP MU-MIMO omni sitting on a tower that we are not using but do have 5-8 customers who could be served off 5 Ghz. It’s a very remote location that we used for testing the ePMP 3000 and will not be redeploying the omni, but figured we might as well get some use out of it.

Any reason we could not use it with an ePMP 1000 AP? My assumption is it would work perfectly fine but unsure which of the 4 antenna connection should be used for standard Mimo. I think any combination A/B 1/2 would work?

Looks to me like you will be connecting to the red or the blue so it will work in two directions and won’t work very well in two directions.

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Thanks. Looks like we’ll pull it down May have use for it next year at another location we are eyeing. Appreciate it!