L2TP MikroTik server under 450b

Hi guys,
I’ve L2TP Server under 450b in DMZ mode.
When I try to connect with my win10 to L2TP server in the log I see phase1 problem.
If I change 450b with F300 all works ok.

Any Idea to solve with 450b?

Thank you.

there is a 450b problem?

Thank you

Sorry, netreality, I am not sure I understand the issue… can you explain further what you mean? Especially with respect to “phase 1 problem”.

What you are seeing is likely something that can be resolved by a configuration change, but we’ll need more details to understand the issue, therefore what to suggest to resolve.

Hello, yes…
I’ve two customers with F300 and L2TP server with 3011 Mikrotik inside in DMZ on each antenna.
ex: (F300 public pppoe nat to - (3011 in DMZ
in this case L2TP work perfect. I can connect from internet to l2tp server.

Now we have change F300 with 450bHG, same configuration…same IP, etc etc and can’t connect in l2tp… I think locked to phase1
Any suggestion?

Thank you