LACP, link aggregation

Hello, I am implementing a radio link between site A to site C, Site_A (two radios) -> Site_B (four radios) -> Site_C (two radios), I want to implement link Aggregation (LACP), which settings should I do in radios PTP450 . attached diagram

You would need to do this via your switch at each site as there is no LACP compatbility in the PTP450 (correct me if I'm wrong)

If you need more bandwidth, why not look at PTP650 or even going licenced with the PTP820 series? PTP650 can support up to 450Mbps and PTP820 can do 2Gbps (with multi radio configuration)

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hi guys, 

just want to further get information on doing LACP..  i have 2 parallel links of ePMP Force 110 PTP, my objective is to link aggregate it for me to have at least 350+ aggregated throughput.

((i know PTP650 can do better, but we know it is more expensive. ))

i put Cisco SLM2008T on both site. i already configure to set a LAG and LACP for both port 1 and 2. (port 1 = Link 1 / port 2 = Link 2).

after configuring, i test the links using JDSU, yet the result is not the way i want to be.

the link shows only 160mbps aggregate.  the question is .. why? i