LAN 2,3,4 not lighting up on modem

My canbium router has 3 LAN ports that are connected to wall outlets in my condo, in the settings for the router it says they are down. Any ideas how to turn them on.

Hi Andrew, welcome to the Cambium Community :handshake:

Do you know what model of router you have?

Pilot R201

I assume there is something in settings.
I am trying to setup a wired backhaul.

OK, thanks, I’ve moved this thread into the Residential Wi-Fi category which covers the R-series cnPilot devices.

Just to eliminate wiring problems, if you plug something like a laptop directly into one of the ports that is reported as Down, using a known-good cable, does anything happen?

Can you show a screenshot of the page where it reports the ports as Down?

I’m not an expert, but to me “Link Down” means that there is no device connected to the port. Have you tried connecting a device directly?