LAN issue


I have a problem with one of my ePMP 1000 force 180. After a while it stops passing the traffic on the lan port. The unit is configured as Subscriber Module and I can access it remotely via wireless from the  AccesPoint side ( is a ptp link ). There for I can't access the devices connected on the other side of the link including the switch. On the Home tab the Ethernet status looks  connected. After a  restart the unit will behave normally for some time ( hour or days sometimes ). 

For me looks like a faulty unit.

What do you think ?

Am I missing something ?


What firmware are you on? I believe the initial release firmware has a reported bug on occasion you discribed. Use or 3.2.2

I use 3.2.1 . I've previously used 3.0 on other units but it has false radar detection isues. The 3.2.1 was the most recent at that time. I will try to upgrade it.

Thanks for your answer.