'Lan2 Network Interface' on AP

Should a ‘Lan2 Network Interface’ be the same (default on all APs in a cluster?

Yes. The LAN2 IP address is the AP’s local network with the AP as the gateway. Each LUID will be the next IP adress, i.e. LUID2 is, LUID3 is, etc, etc.

this is useful if you have an SM, say it’s LUID3 that won’t respond you can telnet to the AP on it’s IP address (example, and then telnet to the SM on

The LAN2 IP address is also by the AP for updating the SM’s.

Thank you.
I’ve understand that it doesn’t matter be the LAN2 IP address different on cluster APs or not.

Correct, the LAN2 IP address is the IP address of that AP’s network only and does not route outside of that AP’s group of SM’s.

So, if you have 10 AP’s and they all have the LAN2 IP address of it’s OK. As a matter of fact, don’t change it.