Laser Safety Test for all Cambium radios which have the SFP Port


Good day.
Does anyone know something about the Laser safety test for Cambium radios which have the SFP Port?

I want to share my story here. We are intended to submit the Type Approval certification (in Indonesia called POSTEL) for PTP 550. But the submission was rejected because we have to do the laser safety test for PTP 550 before submitting the certification.

need the information, does the laser safety test required in other countries than Indonesia? or is there any regulation about the Laser safety in other countries?

Note: for people works in Cambium, could you please share the laser safety test report for PTP 550 and all radios, if any?

Thank you

I might be under thinking this, but… The SFP port doesn’t have a laser, it is a pure electrical interface. Some of the SFP modules that are inserted have lasers, which should have their own laser safety certification.


There is no laser in a PTP550 or any other Cambium radio for that matter. Some radios have SFP or SFP+ cages. These cages can use any number of modules… copper, coax, laser, etc. It’s up to the module manufacture to provide any laser compliance testing.