Last reboot response

I have several cnPilot routers in cnmaestro that give a status for last reboot:


Anyone know what this would be?

Is this message displayed on your R series or Enterprise routers? can you share the model and firmware details?

This issue has been known for at least several months. Unfortunately, the fix is not visible :frowning:

This is for the R series R201

At first glance I thought maybe someone had hacked the routers and used a command to reboot them. The customers do not have access to execute such a command.

Hi @Andino,

The last reboot reason: (, is because of configuration issues that cause device reboot. For example (WAN port configuration).
This script is in rcs, to check if the device has an issue during booting then the device will reboot with this mentioned reason.
If you can provide the configuration file of the device to me ( then we will debug it further.


I sent you the files last week but I haven’t heard anything back yet. A response telling me you received them would be great.

Hi @Andino,

The last reboot reason: ( has been fixed in our 4.8-R1. Now with this fix, this is handled with a valid reboot reason.
This patch will be released along with our next release (4.8). Let us know if you need a beta version of this firmware.


I am also suddenly seeing this issue on our R201 routers. What is the root cause? This router was working fine for months and then just started doing this out of the blue.

When will 4.8 be out, or at least some version of 4.8? It looks like 4.7 is still in Release Candidate states.