Latency Calculator/Formulae

Does anyone has calculator / formulae to calculate latency (IP) in long haul links using PTP650?

If you use LINKPlanner and set it to 1 T1 (TDM) it will give you one way latency estimates.

Thanks Tom.

I was searching for IP latency, not TDM. If you can provide some info on this.

I understood (IP) from the original post and was suggesting a way to get an estimate as we don’t have another way to calculate that I am aware of. The PTP 650 minimizes latency and jitter for high-priority Ethernet traffic by fragmenting Ethernet frames before transmission over the wireless link. The fragment size is selected automatically according to channel bandwidth and modulation mode of the wireless link. Fragments are reassembled on reception, and incomplete Ethernet frames are discarded. What latency are you targeting?

Thanks Tom.

I know 1-3 ms is the typical latency for PTP650. I was wondering how much the latency varies based on the distance - for example - if it is 50 KMs link - how much latency may I get?

At this distance LINKPlanner is estimating TDM latency of 3.6 ms so native IP latency would certainly be less than 3.6 ms. At this time we don’t have a calculator to determine what this latency would be so 2-3 ms would be the best assumption.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.