Latency PMP 450m

Looking at Medusa PMP 450, the datasheet says Latency 10ms. Is this value one way or round trip? Thanks

This is a one way value. There are also configuration parameters that can affect the latency.

If the radio is operating in SU-MIMO mode (i.e. not MU-MIMO), and a 2.5 ms frame, then the latency is more in the 3-5 ms range.

On the other hand, if the frame time is 5 ms, and operating in MU-MIMO mode, the latency can be as high as 10 ms.


Thank you very much for your help

Hi Matt,

Are you sure?

I stand corrected, and the latency we quote on our spec sheets is indeed a “round trip” value.

However, because of frame changes we have made over time… the 10ms value can vary as described above. I didn’t mean to cause confusion.

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