Latency software

Does anyone recommend/know of any software (besides Cacti) that you can use to check latency throughout the network?
Maybe a graphical tool that shows how the latency and or speeds are from one point in the network throughout the rest.
I know of iperf but that seems like the most basic form, i’m thinking something a little more complex.

nagios can track average ping times…

Open Source:
MikroTik’s “The Dude” (easiest by far to implement)

PRTG (what we use)
What’s Up Gold
Zenoss Commercial

there are more.

Do you use netflow? What router do you use at each pop? It seems that netflow would be really helpful instead of using SNMP for traffic. Breaking it down by protocol and etc.

We have a Netflow sensor gathering data from our Cisco 3660 router.

It’s not as granular as I would like but it’s useful.

I am considering putting a MikroTik router on a mirrored port to our WAN to gather data and have the ability to scrutinize data on the network.